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Palo Punk / Anarchic-Folklore

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A musical ensemble active in the Dominican fusion scene overt he past twelve years, Concón Quemao blends Dominican traditional music (Palo, Gagá, Machacó, Mangulina, Sarand- unga, Merengue and more) with international genres like punk rock and hardcore rock. The band has called the hybrid “Anarchic-Folklore” or “An- archic-Palo.” Working with a boundless attitude and no prejudices, the band refuses any form of purism when it’s time to make music.

Over the years Concón Quemao has covered the full breadth of the island many times over and abroad, playing their dynamic sets at many types of venues and stages in the Dominican Republic, sharing it also with dozens of artists and multi-genre performers. The band has produced special record- ings used in TV shows, documentaries, narrative films and the Dominican Carnival.

Concón Quemao has been described by its members as tradition, contemporaneity, politics, life, joy, madness. It is the pulse of Latin America, it is all and nothing, it is the senses set on fire.

Concón Quemao - Toy jarto (video oficial)
Concón Quemao En el Corazón del Pueblo 2018  "Live Session"
Concon Quemao - Bailando con mi desgracia
Concón Quemao - Fuga Pa´l  Monte (oficial)
Concón Quemao -  Echando el Pleito Sesión en Vivo 2020
"Ilusiones" Concón Quemao (video oficial)

Listín Diario (Dom. Rep.)

Punk, Palo, Rock...With his hair tied up offstage, Vladimir García Pantaleón, professor of Social Communication at the UASD extension of San Francisco de Macorís, explains that Concón Quemao is a brotherhood that combines Creole genres with punk , hardcore punk, rock. “But, especially with the life experience that we have had on this half-island, we sing and tell what we experienced.” And that is how it is.