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Dominican production company Mediumship Music will participate in the "Worldwide Music Expo - WOMEX"



The society of Dominican producers of indie and alternative music Mediumship Music, led by the artists Marlene Mercedes and Carlos Monción, will participate in the important Worldwide Music Expo, which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from October 19 to 23.

Womex, as this event is known, is the most international and culturally diverse musical gathering in the world, and the largest conference on the scene that presents activities such as a trade fair, talks, films and exhibition concerts each year.

"It's super important, because it allows you to have contact with international artists, record labels, public relations, all kinds of corporations in the world music industry," explains Monción, speaking of the importance of this event for the artists they manage.

Womex, which in October each year brings together more than 2,600 music professionals from 90 countries, is the leading networking platform for the global music industry. Their range of genres is unparalleled in the international performance market, ranging from the traditional to the new global, encompassing folk, jazz, urban and electronic sounds from around the world, among many others.

The catalog of artists managed by Mediumship Music includes Isaac Hernández, Le Montro and Estación Sub_Trópico, which fuse Dominican folk rhythms with other genres such as jazz, electronic music, rock, merengue, bachata, among others.

This last group was recently awarded the EPA prize (Economic Association Agreement), in the Creative Industries Services, delivered by the European Union, and the song "El remedy", by the group Gran Poder de Diosa, produced by Mediumship Music , was reviewed by the prestigious magazine Rolling Stone.

Likewise, Monción and Mercedes produced the soundtrack for the film "Bantú Mama", directed by Iván Herrera, which will be the Dominican representation at the 2023 Oscar Awards.

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