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Updated: Oct 25, 2022


Walking through the different cadences of the Dominican rhythm, creating electronic textures through the sounds of synthesizers already characteristic of the musical color of El Gran Poder de Diosa, and integrating the fusion of electric and acoustic guitars that offer a contemporary version of sound freshness from the “merengue de alambre”, typical of the Dominican bachateros, “Reloj De Arena” raises the need to recognize ourselves in the merit that each human being embodies at birth on this earth as co-creator of our reality, observing from the eternal present the ability to give your best.

It should be noted that “Reloj de Arena” unveils this new production of El Gran Poder de Diosa, “Te Vamo' a Eperá”, which, under the FAMA record label, comes with lyrics by Eddy Núñez, Marlene Mercedes and Fernando Soriano, music of them in collaboration with Carlos Monción, and produced by Mediumship Music. It has nine themes and from it emerges “El Remedio”.

“Having participated in this album meant a great experience, both artistically and humanly. Experiencing the dedication and passion with which each of us deposited their grain of sand is something that greatly enriches my vision of what it means to make music. “Marlene Mercedes said.

She then added: “As a group we were able to overcome many obstacles, something typical of most emerging musical projects in Latin America; “and that now, looking back, these obstacles were essential to achieve this goal and feel pride.”

“Everything I imagined remained in the essence of our album “Te Vamo’ a Eperá”, for example, rural music (Dominican, Haitian and continental Caribbean) seemed to me an important aspect to highlight and at the same For a while I felt the need to hear how that could be mixed with synths and post modern sounds, but in the end, although I think rural music was a starting point, everyone in the band brought their influences and this gave it a wider musical meaning to this first album”, added Fernando Soriano.

“Reloj de arena” y “Te Vamo’ a Eperá” are available on all digital platforms.

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